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Castro Frank at the Intersection of Fashion and the Cinematic

What does it mean to come from the street? Is it grit, attitude, rebellion? Is it a place of interaction, sport, art? Is it not all these concepts, and more? Pasdemer recognizes the singular spirit of the street and taking inspiration from the urban culture into garments that embody the raw nature, and Castro Frank meets that intensity through the creation of haunting cinematic scenes.

"Shooting this project in the beautiful San Fernando Valley where I was raised added a bit of nostalgia, which really made the project feel special for me."

From behind the camera, Castro Frank transforms the individual pieces from PasdeMer’s SS21 collections. The garments are each tailored for the practicality of a fast-paced city life yet adorned with imagery reminiscent of the artists who see vacancy as canvas.

The subject overlooks the metropolis from the valley. The glow of the light pollution eerily intensified by the blue and purple neon illuminating him from below. The crisp whites of the hoodie consumed by the glow, mirroring the street signs that undoubtedly line the streets below. The subject in turmoil; nonchalance met with chaos, he can’t remain upright for long, as if overcome by the cacophony of the city.

In a cinematic depiction of the modern man in the city, Castro displaces his subject from the hustle and bustle of the streets he appears to come from, as signified by the dynamism and modernity of his attire. He gives his subject and the garments an overwhelming opportunity to breathe, maybe for the first time in a long time. While towering above Los Angeles, the subject lords over his city.

Castro brings to life the chaos, beauty, and grit of the city embodied in the latest collection of PasdeMer. Captured in the otherworldly moments of dusk, the viewer feels a visceral connection to the angst and attitude these garments radiate. View Gallery Here

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